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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

 Tonight, feeling like to go to Karaoke, sing my heart out and have a fun time, I chose to visit the "Pub After 6"where I can feel an adult-like, mature atmosphere. As a hot gathering spot for Karaoke lover, every night “After 6” is filled with its old and new customers. You can often hear the singing voices of people even from outside of the Pub. (#^.^#)
 Among those voices , you will be surprised to hear those beautiful singing voices of customers which makes you hard to believe that these are from non- professionals singers. There are, of course customers, who care nothing about the rhythm and melody, just sing as they like. So it is a real fun to listen to people's singing here.
 To my bad luck, tonight, the whole Pub was booked for party. Just when I was thinking of leaving, the organizer of the party came to me and told me that it is alright to join them. Instead of being shy, I pleasantly accepted joining the party. (^o^)丿
 This was alumni party for high school classmates which has been carrying on for many years. Party attenders were actually elderly people who are more of my parents’ age. But they were having so much fun signing, clapping hands! For sure they were not bothered by their age at all. (^_^)/~
 When I asked for the price of this kind of booked party, staffs told me that it is possible to have a party like this for the price of 3000yen for per person. Best place for economically not that much privileged people like us, I thought it might be a good idea to have a party here gathering with my fellows some time.
 It says, in its usual opening days, there are special prices that you can win if you get a high score on the karaoke machine. If you think you are good at singing, why not take the challenge. You might get a free meal or get s bottle of free whiskey! (*^^) v
 They have Chinese, English and Korean lyric selection, so almost every one can have a fun signing time in here. Of course, if you are not a fan of Karaoke, and you only like drinking, you will still enjoy yourself in this pub accompanied by pretty and kind hostesses.
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