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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

 Today I am visiting one of the biggest furniture stores in Capital area in Japan, the IDC Otsuka Kagu Ltd.. Offering the furniture industry's most extensive selection among large scale outlets, shoppers at IDC Otsuka can shop from a wide range of general furniture, curtains, lighting equipment and interior accessories, and from budget-priced items up to finely-crafted masterpieces(#^.^#).
 The big sign IDC on the top of its building, attracts passer-bys attention everyday, is the abbreviation of the name of the cooperation, the International Design Center. In Shinjuku Showroom, according to your personal likings, you can purchase almost all different style of furniture. The really high class sofa that you only see in royal family, Cool Floor light that wealthy American business man likes to keep, sophisticated wooden table from northern Europe, only the best selection from all over the world will be presented to you. Of course, domestically well-known, traditional Japanese tables and cupboards are also being exhibited (^_^)/~.
 Friendly adviser staffs are always ready to help you out if you need any help. Even in this huge showroom you will be easily find which ever section you need to visit with their help. Special home ornaments, lightings with affordable price here can be nice souvenir or gift to someone who is special to you. All kind of credit card can be accepted. Want to have a whole new spirit with changing your home furniture, want to refresh yourself with a unique home ornaments around you, if so visit Otsuka furniture showroom in Shinjuku anytime.
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