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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

 Today, I had a chance to hit BICQLO, the newest hot spot in Shinjuku. As you might have already heard of it, born out of the biggest electronic home-appliance supplier BIC CAMERA and popular casual fashion chair UNIQLO, this new store is now becoming new sensation in this area. (#^.^#)
 Further, BICQLO is located center of shopping center of Shinjuku, women love to flock into this areas shop from one brand store to another. Taking advantage of it, BICQLO offers its lady customers almost all sort kitchen and beauty electronic supplies.
 I was there to get myself a spring jacket, but couldn’t resist checking up the newest line of beauty electric appliance and kitchen supplier and end up shopping around much longer time than I planned. Staffs here are absolutely professional and friendly, answer your questions with highest satisfactory. (^_^)/~
 Making it more convenient to travelers, besides things that we mentioned earlier there are cosmetics, medicines, drinks and other daily supplements in this store. If you want to bring back some local products as souvenir, you will find yourself having much more choice in here than you have in else places. English, Korean, Chinese, and Spain, staffs can serve you in different languages. Not with specific shopping purpose, just wondering around the shop you will find many useful and interesting items in here. I was most attracted by facial beauty appliances that help you moisturize your skin and help you get rid of your wrinkles round your eyes. Simply amazing! ヽ(^。^)ノ
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