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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

 You will notice that there are a quite larger number of department stores in Japan. Among them department store Isetan is very popular! This store pride itself for its top level of selling profit that it makes every year! Sales often depend on the size of the store, however it spite of its comparatively smaller size, Isetan has always been very successful.
 Isetan was first established in 1886 in Akihavara, Tokyo. In 1933, this store moved to Shinjuku, the current location. Having total 127 years of business history and 80 years of running business experience in Shinjuku, undoubtedly Isetan is the dominant one. Its classic style of building with amazing artistic decor, reveal you its long and prosperous history. Before you visit please don't forget have a look at its historic building. Match of this year, they newly completed this store's new look, investing more than nine thousand million Yen to redecoration. On the base floor of this building, subway station Shinjuku San Chome run. You get the subway which can carry you to Yokohama and Kawagoge where you can enjoy the Edo period of town style. (^_^)/~ More than anything, I enjoy window shopping around department. Because from daily commodities to first class luxurious goods, you can find almost anything you want in here.
 First floor is brand cosmetics and accessories section, from second floor to forth floor you will find large collection of fashion clothes. Fifth floor is home appliance and sixth floor is for kids and infant goods. I love the seventh floor the most because it is the Restaurant floor(=^・^=) If you are male visitor who loves fashion , do not forget pay a visit to Man’s section.
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